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Welcome to the hunt. Plug in your earphones and watch the video or scroll down for a text based version.

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ScavHunt1: Video

Polari was a secret slang used in London's backstreets, theatres and docklands by queer people and those around them to avoid detection and build community.

It uses Yiddish, Italian, French and Romani words, as well as 'backslang' - spelling and saying words backwards.

Polari descends from the thieves' cant and other slangs as far back as Shakespeare's Henry IV. 

Polari began to die out within the LGBT+ community in the 1970s as the decriminalisation of same sex relationships brought us out of the shadows, but cousin languages can still be found spoken on fairgrounds and Punch and Judy stalls across the UK today.

To proceed, solve the next clue.

Some of these words are Italian it's true

But Yiddish and Irish are both bona too

And others are English said out loud, front to back.

Like this: 

To progress give your eson a tap.

ScavHunt1: Text
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