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Creative writing and coaching are cornerstone parts of my practice. I've worked with ages 8-80+ in settings from primary schools to community centres to corporate spaces, helping people tackle difficult issues of the day. 

I work part time as a Creative Writing lecturer at the University of Brighton as well as in the charity sector, helping service users and professionals tell better stories so that they can engage the public with confidence. 

All my work is priced to meet your budget, so please contact me for a quote if you would like to work together. 

Who I can help:

  • Writers, journalists and researchers telling stories about sexual violence, particularly the experiences of male survivors. 

  • Beginner or returning poets/performers.

  • Small charities/collectives who are interested in producing creative work.

Please note that as part of my commitment to active allyship I have allocated a number of free hours to small organisations/individuals working to combat sexual violence, particularly within LGBT+ spaces and communities of colour. If you this describes you and you would like to work together please get in touch.

From July 2020 I will not be collaborating with venues without adequate disabled access. 

Teaching & Facilitation: Text
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